Scouting Solutions is an industry leader in providing digital technology tools that advance sport development and athletic performance. Our Online Trainer will equip you with interactive physical, mental, technical, tactical, and nutritional tools, while providing streamlined communication, accountability and time management solutions.


More Effective Training

  • Graph and manage training results with freedom to customize program
  • Evaluate knowledge and skills through games, assessments and tests
  • Access information and activities related to areas in need of improvement
  • Increase accountability with simple and effective athlete and coach monitoring systems
  • Motivate players and add value to their athletic future by providing results of their effort, work habits and training progress online

Improve Communication & Organization

  • Stay on track knowing exactly what you need to do on a daily basis
  • Encourage communication with the whole team using 'The Team Wall'
  • Send individual or group messages in the message centre
  • Use the integrated calendar to organize your busy schedule
  • Enjoy iPod/mp3 player compatibility

Make Learning Easy

  • Interactive games, video, and assessments keep athlete engaged
  • Access an extensive database of resources on all aspects of training and sport development
  • Access dynamic recommendations for young athletes considering their long term athlete development
  • Use our extensive video database to teach mechanics, technical break-down, skill execution and tactical understanding of the game
Athletes & Coaches can Train, Plan, Organize, Communicate and Learn from one simple system. Keep team members motivated and accountable with online journaling tools, goal setting and monitoring.

A Total Athlete Development System featuring interactive Physical, Technical, Tactical, Mental and Nutritional Tools. Video Analysis, Fitness Testing, Academic Reporting, Athlete Evaluations and Training Logs will help take their game to the next level.
A Total Coach Development System featuring tools like the Coaching Guide, Match and Session Preparation. Use our extensive database or build customized drills and practices. Give coaches access to resources that will make them a better coach.
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